Bocks Powerful Pirates

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This product is suitable for children age 18 months +.

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This product is suitable for children age 18 months +.

Features & Benefits

  • Hands-on ability
  • Recognition ability
  • Intelligence Improvement
  • DIY blocks encourage child’s imagination.
  • Improve hand eye co-ordination
  • Different models inspire the child to explore.
  • Brightly coloured bricks stimulate aesthetic values from early childhood
  • Brick designs arouse children’s concentration


Visual Skills

Skills that help children work on their hand-eye coordination and visual focusing and tracking skills.

Fine Motor Skills

Skills that help your child develop the fine motor skills needed for good handwriting, use small movements such as picking up small objects and holding a spoon, use the small muscles of the fingers toes, wrists, lips and tongue.

Creative Skills

Skills that require imagination, pretend play, dramatic play and construction planning. The creative process involves a number of components, most common is the imagination, originality (the ability to come up with ideas and products that are new and unusual),
productivity (the ability to generate a variety of different ideas through divergent thinking),
problem solving (application of knowledge and imagination to a given situation), and the ability to produce an outcome of value and worth.


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